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32 Marketplace Unit 1A | Big Sky, Montana | 406-995-7992

Convenient biohacks to help you keep living an active life.

Be ready for, and recover quickly from, enjoying the great outdoors. 

Reset is a place to do just that...

Efficient and effective modalities that help you optimize your performance. Reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and boost energy – without wasting time. If you feel like your body is dragging, hit the reset!


We've got the modalities to help you
recover quickly and simply.

Reset Icons_Massage Chair

Massage & Compression

Gain the full benefits of massage therapy efficiently with medical grade chairs designed to improve posture, reduce pain, loosen tight muscles and allow you to fully relax.
Reset Icons_Red Light Therapy

PEMF & Red Light Therapy

Experience pain relief, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, enhanced tissue repair, and stress reduction through electromagnetic waves and infrared light.
Reset Icons_Oxygen (3)

Oxygen Therapy

Breathing oxygen a couple of times per day, or while you sleep, lets your body rest as if you were at a lower elevation.
Reset Icons_Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Enjoy a spectrum of infrared waves providing maximum benefits by penetrating the skin, muscle, and fatty tissue to produce a host of anti-aging health benefits.

Reset Icons_Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

The inHarmony Sound Lounge  instantly soothes your busy mind and relaxes your entire body using sound frequencies.
Reset Icons_Ozone Therapy

Ozone Sauna

HOCATT™ stands for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology”. It is a multi-modality wellness sauna that combines up to ten effective therapies into one ergonomically designed system.
Reset Icons_IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Enjoy 100% absorption of nutrients with IV options. Feel better. Get after it every day.

What Do People Love About Our Services?

After 60 minutes in the massage chair and 45 in the sauna I felt like a new person. The massage chair is the best thing you can do for yourself! Your body, and your feet especially, will thank you. 
Susan R.
I did the massage chair first. This chair I can not rave enough about! That 20 minutes felt like an hour. And I will tell you what: I have never had a better foot massage in my 30 years with a human as I did with that chair. And I was a massage member for 3 years where I used to live! I feel like that chair and I have a bond that can't be broken. 
Kayy P.
A new way to look at healthcare! I discovered Reset when my doctor prescribed infrared sauna. The services have helped me tremendously & I can’t speak highly enough about the lovely people who work there.
Victoria B.

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