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IV Therapy

Enjoy 100% absorption of nutrients with IV options. Feel better. Get after it Every Day.

Reset’s IV menu includes:

  • Beauty

  • Immunity

  • Myers Cocktail / Altitude

  • Reboot / Hangover 

  • Recovery and Performance

For visitors looking for an edge adjusting to the Big Sky elevation, we suggest the Myers Cocktail.


Why IV Therapy?

IVs delivery nutrients directly to your blood stream and by-pass the gut so absorption is 100% and the benefits are felt quickly.

IVs Help with Altitude...

...and Hangovers! With the thinner air the body dehydrates much faster even when resting; imagine with exercise! IV hydration can get you back on the mountain faster.

Immune Health​ Support

Reset's IV blends "Immune" and "Myers Cocktail" will support your immune response, boost concentration of vitamins, help detoxification and provide antioxidant protection.

Ready to Book Your IV Session?

FAQs About IV Therapy

Learn what an appointment is like, contraindications and more.

What to expect during your appointment​
  • If this is your first IV at Reset, we will ask you to fill out some simple information about allergies or medical conditions that could influence your service  along with a waiver.
  • As needed, our staff will be available to answer questions about which formula could best support your needs
  • You'll be comfortably seated in our IV lounge and can add on an Oxygen treatment while you drip.
  • Our certified / qualified staff will start your IV.  
  • Your chair reclines and we have blankets available to make you more comfortable.
Preparation for your appointment​
  • Please hydrate!
  • If you have had previous difficulty receiving an IV, an infrared sauna session just prior to your IV appointment can help ready your veins for the drip.