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Ski season is right around the corner and we can’t wait to feel that thrill of hitting the slopes. Skiing in Big Sky can be a truly awe-inspiring way to spend a day. But what can you do if your favorite winter pastime leaves you feeling like you did leg day at the gym, or worse? There are a number of steps you can take before and after a ski session that will have you ready to get back on the mountain, and Reset Big Sky is here to help!



Skiing is a demanding sport that puts strain on your body in unique ways. As explained by Strong Skier “the physical effort in most sports lies in generating the force that is going to take you faster or higher, make you kick, throw or hit harder etc.   The unique thing about skiing is that it is mostly about resisting external forces acting upon you, so you can stay balanced and in control.” 

This resistance causes microscopic tears in your muscle tissue, causing it to break down. It’s not a bad thing, these tears signal the body to replenish the area, building up muscle, but you do feel sore. In addition, the constrictive nature of ski boots can lead to all sorts of lower body discomfort, from sore feet to sciatic nerve pain. Those boots are definitely not made for walkin’!


To begin, there are a few things you can do yourself to recover faster. Check out these recovery moves for skiers. A foam roller or even a tennis ball, something to break up lactic acid, are handy and helpful tools to have. However, sometimes the aches and pains are more intense than self-care alone can solve. There are several options at Reset Big Sky that can help you find skiing pain relief:

Infrared Sauna Helps Heal Tissues and Warms You Up!

If your post-ski outing ailments consist of tired muscles and a few aches and pains, relaxing in a warm infrared sauna session could be just what you need. An infrared sauna is much more tolerable than a traditional sauna, but no less effective in relieving soreness. Our infrared sauna utilizes three wavelengths to penetrate the tissues at different depths, allowing the infrared waves to heal the tissues on multiple levels for optimal healing. Our infrared sauna in Big Sky is large enough to stretch out, do some stretching while enjoying the session or even share time with friends.

Massage and Compression – A Winning Combo

There is nothing like a massage to bring us back into balance. Reset Big Sky offers medical-grade compression massage chairs that not only massage you but perform compression therapy on your arms and legs. This combination helps increase circulation and release lactic acid. There are also amazing foot rollers to loosen up those tootsies that have been in ski boots! An added benefit: a massage chair session will help you unwind, and let your muscles and your mind release some tension.

Unique to Big Sky; Red Light Therapy and PEMF for Circulation and Lower Inflammation

Red Light therapy boosts blood circulation and improves cellular metabolism which can alleviate muscle soreness after a long day on the mountain. The gentle warmth provided by the lights is an added bonus. Our KLOUD+ PEMF Mat (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) creates gentle electronic currents that act on the molecular and cellular level. This technology accelerates healing by accelerating blood flow, lowering inflammation, and the re-establishment of normal cell interactions.

Nutrient IV Therapy for Performance and Recovery

Reset offers different nutrient IVs tailored to support Performance and Recover and Altitude adjustment. Staying hydrated is an important element of athletic performance and the Big Sky altitude makes it a bit harder to retain hydration. Just breathing on the mountain can use up to double the water in your body versus breathing at sea level. Getting a boost of hydration and nutrients with 100% absorption can feed your body what it needs!

HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy for Avid Skiers

Skiing demands a lot of your cardiovascular system and keeping it healthy will keep you on the slopes to your heart’s content. Adding HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy is your best bet. The HOCATT™ system combines up to ten effective therapies into one treatment. These treatments improve cardiovascular function by cleaning arteries and veins, improving circulation, and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

HOCATT™ sessions will do your body a lot of good both pre- and post-ski.



Whether you are in town for an amazing ski vacation or hitting the Big Sky slopes for the season, Reset can help you perform and recover.