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What do former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mohamed Sanu and renowned motivational author and speaker Tony Robbins have in common with Reset? They all utilize Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy, or "HOCATT™" for short! Athletes and celebrities nationwide are raving about this innovative wellness technology, which combines multiple therapeutic modalities into a single infrared ozone sauna capsule.

In just one 30-minute HOCATT™ ozone therapy session, your entire body experiences deep detoxification and regeneration at the cellular level. But that's not all! Here at Reset, many local athletes regularly use HOCATT™ sessions at our Big Sky Wellness Spa to recover faster from exhaustion and injury and to sharpen their competitive edge.

10 HOCATT™ Therapy Techniques for Athletes

A HOCATT™ therapy session is the most efficient way to prepare for and recover from competition. It also serves as a passive "EWOT" (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) without requiring any physical effort—just sit and breathe. This comfortable infrared ozone sauna will envelop your entire body, except for your head, which can rest on a towel while you breathe in fresh oxygen. The ozone therapy capsule takes care of the rest:

  • Transdermal Ozone therapy
  • CO2 / Carbonic Acid 
  • Whole-body hyperthermia (WBH)
  • High Intensity Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy
  • Frequency Specific Micro-Currents (FSM)
  • Oxygen therapy / Passive Exercise with Oxygen Breathing
  • Aromatherapy steam infusions
  • Photon light therapy
  • Ultraviolet Irradiation

Each 30-minute session combines these therapies in a strategic sequence, layering their benefits to provide a comprehensive anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and healing experience. Simply relax and breathe deeply to enjoy several major athletic benefits, such as faster recovery from sore muscles and even deep tissue injuries.

Athletic Recovery Through Ozone Therapy

For athletes who have endured a tough workout or competition, HOCATT™ ozone therapy is essential. Alongside celebrities and professional athletes, one of our dedicated regulars at Reset Big Sky is a triathlete who swears by its benefits:

"As a triathlete, recovery is as important to my training as swimming, biking, and running. Following a heavy training session, one treatment in the HOCATT left me feeling re-energized. The heaviness in my legs was gone, and my sore muscles were eased. This is a tool that every athlete should integrate into his/her recovery practice." --M.H.

One of the primary reasons our athletes experience faster recovery after a HOCATT™ session is because it enhances the body's natural post-exertion recovery processes. The capsule warms the body, penetrating deep into sore and tight muscles, and transdermally infuses those tired tissues with ozone and carbonic acid. This process boosts cellular oxygen utilization, respiratory efficiency, and increases lymphatic and blood circulation throughout the body. The influx of oxygen accelerates cellular metabolic processes (ATP production), promoting rapid cell repair. Enhanced circulation also swiftly removes waste byproducts like lactic acid, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. As a result, sore joints, muscles, and sports injuries heal more quickly, leaving you feeling flexible, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Improve Your Athletic Performance Naturally

Many of the same mechanisms that speed up recovery also naturally enhance your body’s athletic performance. Even if your doctor has advised you to rest after an injury, a 30-minute session in the HOCATT™ infrared ozone sauna provides the benefits of a full-body workout, helping you stay on track with your training.

By combining therapeutic hyperthermia and transdermal ozone, the process burns fat and improves circulation throughout the body, promoting the growth of lean muscle mass. As the HOCATT™ machine infuses your body with ozone, it boosts energy levels and optimizes your body’s oxygen usage. This enhances the function of all your organs, leaving you feeling fully energized and ready for action!

Boost Your Athletic Abilities at Your Big Sky Spa

Discover the full-body transformation that professional athletes and celebrities are raving about! Whether you’re training for a marathon, aiming to improve your pickleball skills, or simply looking to get into better shape, we highly recommend giving ozone therapy a try.

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