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What's the buzz in Big Sky? Pickleball, of course! Everyone's either playing it or itching to learn. This trendy game, created in 1965 by three dads on an island near Seattle to entertain their bored kids, blends ping pong, tennis, and badminton. With simple rules, a fun vibe, and a great workout with friends, it's no wonder pickleball has exploded in popularity. Over 36.5 million people play it now, with a 223.5% growth in the last three years. The fever is real, and we see it (and play it) here at Reset, your Big Sky wellness spa!

Today, we're diving into muscle training and conditioning to help you prevent pickleball injuries and boost your power and agility on the court. And if you do get a pickleball-related injury, Reset Big Sky offers a variety of effective wellness services to help you recover quickly and get back in the game. So, if you've got sore muscles, book an appointment with us and feel better faster! Meanwhile, try these 7 tips for conditioning, preventing injuries, and overcoming injuries for your best pickleball season yet!

1. Push-ups for Upper-Body Strength

To ace those pickleball swings, you need strong arms, shoulders, and core. Push-ups are perfect for building strength in all these areas, especially when done with proper form. Keep your stomach and back straight to prevent injury and maximize the benefits. If push-ups are tough for you, start by doing them on your knees. As you get stronger, progress to full push-ups.

2. Planks for Core Power

Planks are fantastic for building core strength, targeting your abs, lower back, hips, and pelvis. These muscles are essential for quick rotations, stability, and powerful swings on the pickleball court. Planks also help improve your form and prevent injuries. If you're new to planks, start with a few reps of 5 to 10 seconds each, and gradually increase the duration over time. They'll get easier with practice, we promise!

3. Squats for Explosive Leg Agility

Quick jumps, squats, and lateral movements are key for smashing pickleball shots and getting into position. Squats build powerful leg strength and help stabilize your knees when performed correctly. Remember to keep your knees directly over your ankles and avoid overextending them.

4. The Bridge for Strong Glutes

Notice how these exercises complement each other to strengthen and align your entire body? Your glutes are also crucial for quick movements across the court. Glute bridges enhance knee stability and strength while engaging your abs and glutes, making you more agile and explosive on the pickleball court.

5. Lunges for Stabilizing Knees and Ankles

Knee and ankle injuries are common in pickleball, but lunges can help prevent them by strengthening the muscles around these joints. This improves stability, allowing you to twist and lunge for the ball with confidence. If lunges are challenging, use a wall or chair for support and gradually build up your strength. Incorporate lateral lunges into your routine to enhance your lateral movements on the court.

6. Strengthening Arms, Elbows, Wrists, and Hands

Building upper body strength, from your shoulders to your fingertips, is essential for paddle power and injury prevention. Many pickleball players suffer from "pickleball elbow" due to repetitive motion injuries. Strengthening these muscle groups can help stabilize and protect your arms. Incorporate forearm supination and pronation exercises, as well as wrist curls, into your workout routine to enhance your arm strength and stability.

7. Pamper Sore Muscles and Heal Faster at Your Big Sky Spa

Alongside your regular training, remember to warm up with stretches. If you're already dealing with sore muscles, we offer a variety of wellness technologies to speed up healing and reduce inflammation naturally. Here are a few of our clients' favorites:

Red Light Therapy

Red light and infrared light therapy are fantastic, non-invasive, and relaxing methods to enhance your pickleball performance and alleviate sore muscles. These therapies can relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and boost your body's ATP production, which helps regenerate damaged cells. They're beneficial for all athletes!

Ozone Therapy

Our HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy Sauna capsule offers advanced healing that can enhance your pickleball performance and overall health. This innovative therapy combines multiple modalities in a single session, including the benefits of an infrared sauna, ozone therapy, and infrared light therapy. It provides deep, multi-level healing by detoxifying and rejuvenating your body.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve sore muscle knots, speed up recovery after a pickleball injury, or simply get limber before your next big tournament. At Reset Big Sky, our massage and compression chairs offer personalized, full-body massages so relaxing and relieving you might even fall asleep.

Infrared Sauna

Our soothing infrared sauna uses three levels of infrared light to alleviate muscle pain and soreness. It helps detoxify your body, boost metabolism, and purify your skin, all while providing deep relaxation. It's great in the summer also!

Pickleball Pain Relief at Your Big Sky Spa

Make this summer your best pickleball season yet with the help of Reset Big Sky! Schedule an appointment for our wellness therapies or get expert advice on optimizing your strength training, stretching, and conditioning routine. Let us help you achieve your pickleball dreams!

 Get Pickleball Ready with Reset!