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It’s finally here! Vacation in Big Sky country. Unfortunately, as wonderful as travel can be, getting to your vacation spot frequently involves not only time changes, but also uncomfortable seats, sneezing neighbors on the plane, delays, and unplanned challenges along the way.

Reset can’t help you much if your bags are lost, but we can help you pro-actively adjust to the affects you may experience due to time change, higher altitude, and lower humidity.

Some Great Big Sky Services that Might Help!

IV Therapy

Hydration is important to support you feeling good doing all the activities while you are visiting. Altitude sickness has many forms, some symptoms require medical attention* so be careful. But mild symptoms are common and can be alleviated with hydration and oxygen.

Scheduling a Meyer’s cocktail vitamin IV can help you hydrate and enjoy 100% absorption of important nutrients. Many travelers proactively schedule an IV during the first two days of their visit to boost their immune function, increase hydration, stave off headaches that are common with a fast increase in elevation and support the muscles as they move into active activities.

What about the oxygen?


Personal Use Oxygen

Reset can deliver an oxygen concentrator to you for use during your stay. We provide a nose cannula for each person in your group, detailed instructions, and select the device appropriate for the elevation where you are sleeping. You can also stop in to see us in Meadow Village for an oxygen session.

Why does oxygen help? At higher altitudes the air pressure changes and the air is thinner. If you are coming to Big Sky from an elevation of 3,000 ft or less, your odds of feeling the effects of the altitude change are higher. Using oxygen a couple of times a day for short durations, or even when you sleep, helps your body function as if you are at a lower elevation level.


Massage and Compression

Feeling cramped from the travel? Enter our state-of-the-art massage and compression chairs! Stop in and enjoy the magic! You’ll feel you are receiving a 4-hand massage, compression therapy on your arms and legs and delicious foot rollers that do not disappoint all at once! We promise - your whole body will thank you and we have four chairs – so bring your family!

P.S. These are also a great mid-vacation treat to release lactic acid after all that hiking, biking, skiing or other activities of the season!


Sound or Vibroacoustic Therapy

Finding it hard to sleep? Still reeling from the disruption travel created? Our advanced sound therapy bed delivers vibroacoustic therapy to help your nervous system calm.

Sound therapy, or vibroacoustic therapy (VAT), uses low frequencies and therapeutic music delivered through the body to bring you into a state of healthy resonance.

Benefits include:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Sleep
  • Many More

You’ll enjoy 30 minutes of pure bliss on our ergonomic bed. We’ll select a restful soundtrack for you, get you settled in with a weighted blanket, eye mask, and headphones so you can enjoy the vibrations throughout the bed in sync with the music.


Wanting More? How about a Session in our Ozone Sauna.

Our best modality for overall vitality; an efficient appointment in our Hocatt Oxone Sauna stacks 10 modalities in one to help you:

  • Alleviate muscle soreness
  • Lower inflammation
  • Receive oxygen
  • Ward off illness
  • Detoxify
  • Relax

Our clients report better sleep, less pain, less brain fog and more energy after just one short session. This service is special – you an learn more here or give us a call to discuss.


Let us help you build the best experience while you are here.